About Us

Spotlight Players is a community theatre in Monmouth County that primarily rehearses and performs at the First Presbyterian Church in Matawan, NJ.  Founded in 1997 by local community members, Spotlight ultimately strives to entertain, to educate, and to enrich the community.

We provide theater to local audiences, enhancing our area’s cultural appeal by putting on shows that are moving, thought-provoking, and enjoyable. Through the process of running our organization, we provide our members with a hands-on learning experience in all aspects of theater, from the artistic and technical challenges of acting, directing, lighting, and set construction, to the practical considerations of advertising, publicity, and budgeting. In doing so, we enrich the lives of those who see our shows and those who work on them.

Through production of theatre classics, children’s shows, musical revues, and original  works, we aim to allow and encourage members of the community to grow and develop while taking artistic risks.